High-end quality without the high-end prices.

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee satisfaction.

Here at Maximum Driveway Care, we focus on extensive employee training and customer satisfaction. Each employee must go through 2 weeks of training before they may operate our sprayers or equipment, and are first secondary sealers until they are ready to lead the jobs.. We take great pride in our work and do not want to leave your property and satisfaction in inadequately trained hands. We strive for excellence on each job we complete and this is how we achieve that. We only use premium materials we trust and do not mix or dilute any product we use. It can be hard to choose between companies, but we believe it shouldn’t have to be. We guarantee top-notch results, exceptional customer service, and are a company you can trust.

Call or text us today to get an over the phone quote or to book a service at 289-270-SEAL
Or email us at [email protected]

Our Warranty and Guarantee

We Guarantee you will be happy with the work we have done. We will not leave the job site until we have done everything we can to satisfy you. If you feel you have received poor treatment or are not satisfied with our work then please email us at [email protected]


Sealing warranty is 1 year long and covers any mistake or missed areas we need to fix. 

Paving warranty is 3 years long and covers any mistakes or repairs needed to the asphalt. 

Repairs warranty is 2 years long and covers any repairs needed to the repaired areas. 

Crack filling warranty is 1 year long and covers any missed areas.