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Services Offered


Our team is heavily trained to take on any job and complete it with excellence. We use ‘Black Mac’, an oil-based sealant that protects and preserves your asphalt driveway. It is engineered to replace the oil in your asphalt that has dried out due to exposure to Canadian weather and sun rays. Our product is tested to last 3 years but we recommend sealing every other year to maintain that freshly-paved look. For the best results, you can seal every year.

Asphalt repairs

Our quick-drying hot mix asphalt is perfect when used to patch holes or sunken areas of your driveway. Within an hour we turn a potential hazard into a flat, pristine driveway again. If you finish off the repair with a fresh seal, the new patch will blend in perfectly. We recommend you avoid parking directly on the fresh patch for a few days to let the asphalt cure fully. We have a 2-year warranty on all repairs. We do offer cold mix repairs but do not recommend them because of the long curing time. 

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Garage Ramp

Our Garage Ramps are a great way to fix a sinking driveway without replacing the entire driveway. We make sure each ramp is packed and smoothed to keep it strong and looking great. A ramp will protect your house’s foundation from water and ice damage that could ruin the integrity of the house and driveway.  We offer cold and hot mix ramps. Cold mix will cure after 1 month and hot mix will cure in a few hours. All ramps have a 2-year warranty. 

Crack Filling

Our strong bonding crack filler was designed to last. Once applied to the cracks they fully cure within minutes, and then they are bonded to your asphalt for good. Filling your cracks prevents expensive water and ice damage to your asphalt. You often will see sunken or raised asphalt when cracks are not fixed soon enough. To keep water and ice from disturbing your house’s foundation, hire us to fill your cracks.


Here at Maximum Driveway Care, we use the best asphalt we can get our hands on (HL3). Once you book your paving we will come and remove your existing asphalt and build a secure gravel base. We then wait 2-4 weeks to allow the base to settle fully. During this time you are encouraged to park on the gravel. After it has settled we come back and lay the new asphalt! We use 3 inches of hot asphalt and pave it to your exact expectations. Once it is paved we will tape it off and ask you to stay off of it for 4-7 days. We also suggest hosing down the driveway once a day to speed up the curing process. We have a 90-day warranty for all paving jobs.