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Infrared and hot Asphalt Repairs

What Is Infrared Asphalt Repair?

Infrared asphalt repair is a process in which heat is used to repair damage to asphalt pavement. This technique offers several benefits compared to traditional repair methods, including:

  • Quick and efficient: Infrared repair is a fast and effective way to repair damage to asphalt pavement. The heat used in the process can quickly soften the asphalt, allowing it to be reshaped and compacted into a seamless repair. This means that repairs can be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to traffic.
  • Cost-effective: Infrared repair is typically more cost-effective than traditional repair methods. Because the process is fast and efficient, it can save time and labor costs, and it also reduces the need for expensive materials like asphalt patch.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Infrared repair creates a seamless, permanent repair that is resistant to cracking and other forms of damage. This means that the repair will last for a long time and will not need to be replaced or repaired again in the near future.

Overall, infrared asphalt repair is a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way to repair damage to asphalt pavement. It offers a durable and long-lasting repair that can save time and money compared to traditional repair methods

Infrared Repair On Driveway

What Type of Asphalt should be used for repairs?

Hot asphalt is generally considered to be superior to cold patch for asphalt repairs. Unlike cold patch, which is a temporary fix, hot asphalt is a permanent solution that will not deteriorate over time.

Hot asphalt is also more malleable and flexible, allowing it to be easily molded to fit the unique contours of the pavement. This creates an even repair that is less likely to develop trip hazards or other problems.

Additionally, hot asphalt has excellent bonding properties, ensuring that the repair will remain intact and not delaminate from the surrounding pavement. In short, hot asphalt is a more effective and long-lasting solution for asphalt repairs than cold patch.

What is a garage ramp repair?

A garage ramp repair is fixing the drop between your driveway and garage. It offers a number of benefits for your property. Most importantly, it can help to prevent accidents and injuries by eliminating a trip hazard.

A smooth, even transition between the driveway and garage can also improve the overall appearance of your property and increase its curb appeal. Additionally, filling in the drop can help to prevent water and other debris from accumulating in the area, which can lead to damage and erosion over time.

Overall, fixing the drop between your driveway and garage is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the safety, appearance, and value of your property.


Garage Ramp Installation

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Max was very easy to work with. Accommodating of my family’s schedule and the schedule of my neighbour. We had our combined deteriorated ramp at our garages cut out as a section and then repaved like new. There was also a vehicle depression in my driveway that was also cut and repaved. Other companies would’ve simply filled in the material and simply called it a day. Max understood that longevity and quality were key factors, which is why he cut away and removed the old material and also knew not to use a cold patch.
I wrote a review 2 weeks ago gave 5 stars. I decided to re-write the review again (5 stars too) but I want to mention how Max stands behind his work. Yesterday a guy came to work on my garage windows. He managed to damage the ramp that Max had put on. Long story short. I sent pictures to Max and asked if it can be repaired. Max came over to my house today and got the ramp fixed. Max went above and beyond my expectations. Thanks again Max and I wish you all the best.
MAXIMUM IS THE BEST. They show up ON TIME, their customer service is fantastic, and they do a great job for an even better price. If you are looking for someone to make your driveway look brand new again don’t look any further. CALL THIS COMPANY. You will not be disappointed.