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Driveway Sealing

This job was especially challenging because of the size and the interlocking borders. Our team had to take their time on this one and because of that, the results are amazing. Click below to see prices and book now. 

Parking Lot Sealing and line painting

This parking lot was beginning to fall apart with little stones coming off the asphalt and sand everywhere. Cracks were months away from forming. We came in and laid down a thick coat of sealant to prevent any more damage. We then painted some lines for them to help direct cars and traffic. 

Garage Ramp Repair

This client had a tree root growing under the front of the driveway which lifted up the asphalt. This caused water to go into the garage. We cut out the asphalt and repaved the area. We also filled in some missing concrete with asphalt on request. This is a common fix for asphalt the has sunken near the garage 

Motel Seal Coating

This motel had no lines painted and had issues with where people were parking. They hired us to seal the parking lot and paint lines. It came out great and now they have a cleaner parking experience.